Hangover Waltz

by Hangover Waltz

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For Tanya (for bringing us back together)

These recordings were made around 2003, but have been mastered in 2017. We recorded the entire album sending ideas via mail and FTP. After recording 8 songs this way, we unfortunately drifted away from each other. When Tom met Tanya, she heard this music and said we needed to get back together. The final version of these songs celebrates our reunion.

Tom and Tjarko still never met in person.


released January 22, 2017

Tjarko Busink: bass, acoustic guitar, background vocals, cister, synths, harmonium, baritone guitar, upright bass, drum programming, mastering

Tom Gagne: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, drum programming, lyrics, mixing/production.

Album art by Tjarko Busink



all rights reserved


Hangover Waltz Portland, Maine

Hangover Waltz is an internet music collaboration between a friend in The Netherlands and a friend in the USA. Tjarko Busink and Tom Gagne met on an internet recording forum early in 2003 and have been making music together since.

Tjarko and Tom still never met in person.
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Track Name: Another Wave
Happily comes the sun today
Dispelling all the darkness we’ve wished away
The loving of life always comes in waves
No doubt she realizes this
And all will be saved
And even if she goes blind
From time to time on me
I’ve left those worries behind-
A sailor’s wake in the sea

Joy is tidal
Damn the big black moon
That pulls you away from me
Joy is tidal
Hail the great white moon
That pulls you back to me

Another day I am in her hand
Another wave crashes into the sand
I steal a breath and I hold it in
Don’t know when I’ll feel joy like this again
Won’t the tides of melancholy
Pull her, puller her away from me.

Damn the moon that pulls her away
Hail the moon that lights her way.
Track Name: Doctor Lantos
I must be sleeping...dreaming...
It's never this good to be alive.

I'm staring into nothing and it's all your fault.
If not for pointing what are these fingers for?

"No, it's ok...just need a friend today."

In dealing with the world I project self-control
But love and inner peace are hard things to fake.
So rather than face it, Doctor Lantos,
Give me my medicine and I'll be on my way.
I have questioned myself, I've doubted myself,
And I've tortured myself long enough.

"Do you hear voices?"

"No, I hear music."

Meds and belief.
Meds and distraction.
Meds and good food.
Meds and attention.
Meds and a will.
Meds and anything goes.

"Where's the pain?
I don't feel anything...
Track Name: Things Break
It’s just glass
Things break
Has your day beaten you
So bad
You can’t see
The way I’m treating you?

I’m on your side
Don’t kill yourself today, please
Lie down but never leave

Come back
It’s fine
It’s just a little wine
Some words
And a kiss
And we’ll be over this

I’m on your side
Don’t kill yourself today, please
Lie down but never leave

Lives change
You’ll see
Breath in and count to three
I need
What you bring
Why aren’t you listening?
Track Name: Just Me Now
It slows down, it speeds up
Either way, I can’t get above it
How many changes can I make in a day?
I’m lost now and I love it

I try not to talk too much these days
Less is more, I think
Less is more, I think
Say all and nothing in a glance
Say it with a tear or a smile
Say it with a tear and a smile

It gets so loud in here (my skull)
Everything is fighting for space
It’s not really chaos or madness
It’s just a lot of thoughts without a place
Because it’s just me now, just me now
It probably always was
It’s just me now, just me now
It’s not what I thought it was

I try not to talk too much these days
Track Name: Wait By The Water
Darling, your hair is down, free and alive
Drifting across my skin, it tickles my face
Comfort is knowing that you’re at my side
I sail through your hair and I’m lost in the waves

Like an amusement park ride is our life
Twirling around us, but never lasts long
And as it spins faster and everything blurs
Your eyes give me something to focus on

Darling, wait by the water
I’ll come in on the wind
Track Name: Maybe Tomorrow
I kicked the clock when I woke up
My head was pounding like a reminder
My lover was crying in her sleep last night
Is there a reason for tears?
Maybe just years of too much heavy thinking
Can cause a cavity in the soul

Maybe tomorrow, my loving friend,
You’ll turn your faith my way again
And stay here

We desperately want to be
Comfortable with normalcy
Yeah, my love keeps flowers
In a simple vase
If there’s some money to spare, misplaced somewhere maybe
We’ll find it baby
And buy our happiness

Maybe tomorrow, my loving friend
You’ll find your way back home again

Always knew you would run
Always knew you’d return
Now my lips give a sigh
While I dance and praise you under the moon
I’d go crazy without you
Would the world be as blue
Wow, my heart misses you
Forgives you

Come on, let’s now waste another day
Maybe there’s another way

I took the perfect photograph
My lover’s face was full of frustration
She doesn’t like cameras from the subject’s view
But she can do anything
She takes the slings and arrows
Like Hamlet tries to
And she never lets me down

Maybe tomorrow Fortune’s hand
Will come and lift us up again
Track Name: Newborn
Heard you cry awhile before I began
On this, the very first of my days here

Born of a selfish yet loving act
I’ll work my way through your door tonight
Comfort but never over-shelter me
Hold me up high into the sunlight

Lay down the sheets of my perfect bed
Give me the warmth of your eyes
Show me your strength and your steadiness
Plant for me the seeds of great will
Then I’ll give the world my everything
I’ll know when to fight
Or remain still.

You will have moved on
By the time I grow old and learn
Fear was a waste of my days
Track Name: When She's Sleeping
I sprinkle my words like dust on her dream
Where I store my best thoughts for safe keeping
Deep in a snore, a quirk I adore
I talk to her when she’s sleeping

A friend at the end
Or a fall from the sky
Whatever the dream, she’s weeping
So I whisper the words to send her the wings
I talk to her when she’s sleeping

Through trees of safe haven
She flies with the ravens
Below she can see
Grounded is me
I want to go
My heart is leaping
I talk to her when she’s sleeping